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HMS Day Porter Services

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Day porter services accommodate to the day time operation needs that many facilities need today. We assist our customers in monitoring traffic patterns, high impact volume areas and restroom usage to develop a day porter program that is responsive and cost effective. Day service can also be used with to help cut down or eliminate evening service and reduce costs on services.

Our skilled estimator can provide you a cost benefit analysis informing you of how convenient a Day Porter can be for your business.

day porter services in miami

What our Day Porter Services in Miami Includes:

  • Monitor And Service Restrooms and replenish Paper and Chemical supplies
  • Service Cafeterias, Break Room And Kitchen
  • Service Common Areas and Patios
  • Clean and Maintain Door Glass and Entrance Vestibules
  • Maintain Waiting Room And Lobby Areas
  • Maintain Exam/Procedure Rooms
  • Quiet Pro Vacuuming for Areas in which people are working or on phones
  • Cleaning frequent “Touch Points”
  • Maintain Exterior Of The Building Removing Trash and Debris
  • Patrol for Trash/Litter In All Exterior Common Areas Of the Property Or Parking Lot
  • Empty, Clean And Reline Trash Receptacles
  • Steaming/Scraping Gum Off Of Sidewalks And Concrete
  • Cleaning/Pressure Washing Sidewalks, Concrete, Building Areas
  • Maintain Dumpster Area Or Enclosure
  • Light Bulb Maintenance
  • Light Maintenance

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