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Carpet Cleaning Tips – Floor Care

Floor care is one of the many crucial things to consider when cleaning. Flooring is the base of everything and it can seriously affect the way a room looks or feels.

Here are some carpet cleaning tips to consider and make sure your commercial cleaning services provide, or if you do not use a commercial cleaning service and would like to get some tips for your own purpose then proceed reading


Blot Stains, DO NOT SMEAR
A lot of people make this mistake. They spill something and panic to clean it up and end up smearing it more than cleaning. Carpet is not like floor, it is threaded material that can absorb liquids easily, like a paper towel. The more you push a spill by smearing it, the more threads of the carpet will start to absorb the stains more.
Blotting helps keep the mess contained. Think of yourself as trying to “Pull off” the stain rather than smear it clean since smearing can cause the stain to spread.


Cleaning Chemicals for Carpet in your Home

Sometimes, you can use club soda or shaving cream as an effective cleaner for carpet spills and stains. You can use shaving cream by applying it to the stain, waiting about 30 minutes, then blot away with a dry cloth. Then you can spray some vinegar and water.
Club soda is effective against beer and wine stains, but if that doesnt work you can also spray with a mix of water and some vinegar, let it sit for about 15 minutes then apply a sponge and clean in a blotting motion.


Stuck Chewing Gum….Ugh!

It happens, sometimes someone can step on gum and trail it in, or even worse do it on purpose. To remove gum that has stuck to the carpet you can try applying ice cubes for about 30 seconds to 1 minute (dont get freeze burn!) to the gum so it can freeze and harden, making it easier to scrape off with a spoon or other similar object that will not damage the carpet.


Grease…(not the movie)

Tough grease stains can be a pain when it is on carpet. A quick homemade fix to this is applying a few drops of grease fighting dishwashing detergent in a cup of water, and put into a spray. Then you can start to blot it clean. For bigger stains you might have to do this multiple times.


Blood Stains

We don’t want to know why, but if you have blood stains on your carpet your first assumption might be the stain it will leave behind, and how impossible it is to clean. Bad part is that youre right. The good part is that this is much easier to clean than you think.

First thing you want to do is scrape off as much dried up blood as you can, you can do this with water and some mild detergent. Then, the get the remaining stains off the carpet you can apply hydrogen peroxide right on the stain. It will foam when it contacts blood, then you can blot the hydrogen peroxide with towels or cloth to dry up the carpet

Hydrogen peroxide will get out blood all day long,” Tarbox says. First, loosen up dried blood with water mixed with a mild detergent. Then scrape off as much blood from the fibers as you can. To get the remainder, apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain. The solution will immediately foam when it contacts the blood, so don’t be surprised. Then dab the hydrogen peroxide with towels to dry the carpet.


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