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5 Benefits to having a Commercial Cleaning Service

A messy workspace is a messy mind and that is exactly how the productivity will be. If you run a small business and have your own workspace, this applies to you too!
Your employees are the ones who work and make the needed day to day possible so your company can profit and make money, and if you are the owner doing things yourself, then this directly applies to you.
If you, or your employees do not feel good, guess what will happen? They will hate being there, they will hate coming in to work and not even know it. Productivity drops, innovation and clear headed thinking drops, and the chain event continues.
With all the hours that full-time employees spend working, a lot of people consider work their other home. Employees can spend a lot of time away from their homes which is why its crucial to make sure you and your employees . 

Health Factors for the Body and Mind 

A clean and healthy work is absolutely necessary. It is just as required as putting toilet paper in the bathroom, and guess who does things like that? Our Janitorial Services Do! 

An organized and clean environment can provide mental peace, and reduce stress, and make you enjoy being there. It might not won’t help waking up in the morning when you want to sleep in, but once you’re there its all ok! We all know it can get hectic at the office, so any kind of stress reducer will bring a good balance to your mind and overall health over time.   

Increasing Efficiency 

Many business owners want to rebrand, stand out, and what better place than welcoming your visitors or future customers to a nice smelling, clean atmosphere. 

While it is not right to judge, people will still do it, especially in business unfortunately.  A messy desk or office tells a lot about how the person or company operates.  


Keep reading to see the five ways you can benefit from having some kind of commercial cleaning service at your workplace! 



  1. 1Focus on your Job

Stick to what you’re good at, right? Focus more on your job without having to worry about mess or stains, and know the next day you will come in to a bright clean and healthy environment.  

Having to stop your job to clean things up can be distracting and can cause poor productivity in your work day. Focus on growing your business and let HMS Janitorial do what we do best 

  1. Increase the Productivity of your space.

It’s obvious that a clean work environment is a happy work environment. This will increase employee productivity. Its scientifically proven that a cluttered and messy environment can harm the ability to concentrate or be productive. There can even be long term cognitive effects of employees who work in a dirty and sad work environment.  

  1. 3. Safety and Health of You and your Employees

A clean workspace is a safe and healthy environment for you and everyone else sharing your commercial space. Because offices and businesses are very high in traffic it can create a great environment for bacteria and germs to flourish and spread to you and your employees, spread of flu and illness, etc.
Cleaning of the restrooms, vacuuming, dusting and disinfecting are just some of the ways that we provide our commercial cleaning services and keep our clients working in a healthy clean environment. 

  1. 4. Quality, not Quantity

When it comes to cleaning it’s not about burning hours or looking busy. Cleaning is an art when done the right way, and we fully train all of our staff to operate in this manner.
A lot of people will clean something, and not realize they are doing it incorrectly, or restaining things. Let the pros take care of your cleanliness in a QUALITY manner 


  1. 5.Look more Professional

How would you feel if you walked into a grocery store and everything was dirty, dusty, smells bad and unorganized? As simple as the title states. The cleaner and organized your environment is, the more professional you will appear to your visitors, future clients, or employees.
This says that you take interest in not just in money and working, but where you work and how you feel, health and safety of yourself and your staff which shows to be more professional, experienced with a positive leadership of your business. 


At High Maintenance Services (HMS) Janitorial Services, we work to keep you clean in a time efficient and quality manner. Give us a call to learn more  


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